Welcome to Arizona Friends of Homeless.

AFOH’s mission is to provide services, resources, and a dose of kindness to the local homeless population in Phoenix and other parts of Arizona. This is accomplished via local outreach, social media, and our projects.
We are laser-focused on helping with homelessness issues in AZ.

AFOH is supported by local contributions and works with other organizations, groups, and individuals to give the homeless of Arizona the support they need every day on the street.

Many hands make light work.

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2 hours ago

Thanks vicki for lunches and cosmetics andteddy bearsdrop.. thanks analisa and shane for Panera drop. Many hands make light work ... See MoreSee Less
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13 hours ago

18- water, breakfast bars, toothbrush kits,soap,hygiene, socks, 3 pairs flip flops, a belt to guy last week and the bible he asked. T-shirts an three pairs of shorts.59th bethany home park got breakfast from another source. Good on them. I only had breakfast bars. ... See MoreSee Less
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18 hours ago

Mesa Kleinman Park Outreach: Went Thursday night with Alonzo to give out 24 cold waters, Capri Suns, and 18 cold gatorades. Also, a couple boxes of oatmeal cream pies. We also brought some blankets, hats, and hygiene kits (thanks again Diane) a stuffed rabbit, handbags, and socks.Very heavy, moody feeling. An argument going on about a bike was ending as we arrive. Full park. Noticed the bathrooms are open, and that helps, as someone has been bit by a spider and is walking around untreated. We approach but she says she's already been to the hospital... left with no treatment or antibiotics - things don't add up but she leaves the park for Circle K instead when offered an Uber to either a pharmacy or hospital - won't go and runs from me too, says they won't help her. It's definitely looking necrotic though. Her 'group' knows and had asked me to try to convince her, we tell them to watch when she gets back. Checking the next day - learn she went back, as it got worse - glad to hear and hoping it's treated now.Gave out resources to contact St. Joseph the Worker - this person was very happy to know the info, surprised by ways they can help. We inbox the info if they're up for it, as it's a good reminder next time they can check their email too.Served 37Needs: Socks, blankets. backpacks, hygiene (kits). ... See MoreSee Less
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12 hours ago

Sunday Northwest Phx/Glendale/Sunnyslope -30-Noodle soups, variety of prepackaged tuna salads, PB & J sandwiches, Kind bars, fruit bars, WW mint cookies, Tortilla chips and cheese or bean dips, Cheeze-Its, water and flavoring, grape coolers, dog food dry and canned, dog harness, dog booties, flip flops guys and girls, socks, tee shirts, hygiene bags, bar soap, razors, deodorants, diabetic needles, gauze, band aides, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic cream, iodine, carry-all bag, Looking dried out in the neighborhoods!Thanks for all that you do for our homeless friends.Thanks to my "helper guy" as Mike calls him, and as the street boss calls him my "bag man" for not only telling how to drive, but for taking a lot of the risks, (ha ha)Special thanks to my great friend Patricia Holgate Haney and her husband Gary and their friends for helping me and my street families again this month and for a great start on next month with a huge food, clothing, shoes, baby wipes and then some supplies. Love you all. ... See MoreSee Less
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